The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things Review: Issue 9

Internet of Things Insights from Rob Tiffany



T-Mobile and Sprint join forces Link

The creation of the New T-Mobile will take on the big challenge of winning in the 5G wars

The great IoT data ownership debate Link

IoT is all about the data, but who owns that data?

A Year into Solving Challenges at the Edge of the IoT, EdgeX Foundry Celebrates Link

EdgeX Foundry has steadily grown into a platform and framework designed to improve interoperability and speed development and deployments and now boasts nearly eighty members

5 key enterprise IoT security recommendations Link

The Online Trust Alliance has published a checklist of enterprise IoT security best practices.

How IoT And IoE Are Positively Disrupting The Farm-To-Fork Industry Link

By 2050, the global population is expected to increase to around 9.8 billion people.

How to Measure IoT’s Impact on Manufacturing’s “Smart Factories” Link

With IoT, manufacturing plant managers have way more opportunities to implement better operations with increased productivity, flexibility and, quality.

Azure IoT Hub SDK officially provides native iOS support Link

Whether your iOS project is written in Swift or Objective-C, you can leverage Microsoft’s device SDK and service SDK directly and begin turning your iOS device into an IoT device.

Hello, Cellular IoT Link

Working together across cellular networks, IoT devices can secure our homes, monitor our health and make sure our eggs aren’t going bad in the fridge.

5 Major IoT Challenges Executives Are Grappling With Link

The organizers of IoT World, recently surveyed more than 100 IoT executives about their companies’ initiatives and found that many of them face challenges when it comes to scalability, implementation, connectivity and security.

New York Power Authority Selects C3 IoT to Enable Sustainable Energy Goals Link

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) has selected C3 IoT to provide the AI software foundation for NYPA’s strategic plan to empower customers to be smart, engaged stewards of their energy efficiency goals.

Microsoft to bring forward Industry 4.0 with IoT and AI Link

The mixing of smart sensors with Artificial Intelligence is all set to give a new shape to the industrial world.



IoT Trends and Predictions for 2018  Link 

With software and adjacent technologies continuing to eat the world, I see the pace of digital transformation accelerating in 2018 as organizations strive to enhance their customer and operational intelligence.

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