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The Internet of Things Review: Issue 27

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Xage secures $12 million Series A for IoT security solution on blockchain  Link

Xage (pronounced Zage), a blockchain security startup based in Silicon Valley, announced a $12 million Series A investment today led by March Capital Partners. GE Ventures, City Light Capital and NexStar Partners also participated. The company emerged from stealth in December with a novel idea to secure the myriad of devices in the industrial internet of things on the blockchain.

How edge networking and IoT will reshape data centers  Link

With the rise of edge computing to process a surge in data produced by the internet of things, the function of enterprise data centers will shift to handling long-term data aggregation and analysis.

Emerging Vendors 2018: Top IoT Companies You Need To Watch  Link

Worldwide spending on the Internet of Things is expected to reach $772.5 billion this year and is forecast to surpass $1 trillion in 2020, according to market researcher International Data Corp.  So it’s no surprise there has been a wave of startups developing IoT hardware, software and services, including platforms, development tools, sensors, edge devices, networks and connectivity, security and analytics.

Bringing intelligence to the edge with Cloud IoT  Link

Google announced two new products aimed at helping customers develop and deploy intelligent connected devices at scale: Edge TPU, a new hardware chip, and Cloud IoT Edge, a software stack that extends Google Cloud’s powerful AI capability to gateways and connected devices. This lets you build and train ML models in the cloud, then run those models on the Cloud IoT Edge device through the power of the Edge TPU hardware accelerator.

Industrial IoT: move slow and make things  Link

Startups in IIoT are creating solutions which increase efficiency, improve supply chains, reduce waste and provide greater safety for workers. Amid an advancing ecosystem of interconnectivity, startups in robotics (Preferred Networks Inc.) , wearable technology (Proglove), 3D imaging (Vayyar), AR (Augmate), factory intelligence (N-JOIN) and blockchain (Filament).

5 Tech Advances Propel IoT  Link

In the internet of things, it’s not uncommon for development projects to stall or fail because of technical challenges. Today, improvements in areas such as security and network performance could help companies better manage their investments.



#IoT Podcast: I’m Here to Eliminate your Workforce  Link

For more than a century, advances in technology, machinery and automation have oftentimes replaced humans as a means to accomplish tasks. In this podcast, Rob Tiffany tackles the unsavory topic of workforce reduction as certain tasks have evolved from manual to mobile to IoT.

#IoT Podcast: Breaking Down Blockers to IoT Adoption  Link

Despite the promise of process optimizations, innovative new business models and cost savings, the multi-trillion dollar Internet of Things megatrend faces a variety of headwinds that are slowing adoption and commercial rollouts. In this podcast, Rob Tiffany discusses ways to approach and overcome adoption blockers like security, complexity, the skillset shortage and the quest for value.

#IoT Podcast: Building the Internet of Humans and Machines  Link

More and more, humans and machines are working together side by side. Therefore, it’s important for Internet of Things platforms and associated technologies to treat them the same. In this podcast, Rob Tiffany illustrates use cases where humans perform work on behalf of machines and vice versa.

#IoT Podcast: Lumada’s Visionary IIoT Journey to the Gartner Magic Quadrant  Link

Hitachi Lumada just landed in the Visionary quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report for Industrial Internet of Things Platforms. In this podcast, Rob Tiffany gives you a “behind the scenes” look at the Lumada journey from concept to shipping product.

#IoT Podcast: Why IoT?  Link

It’s always important to ask “Why” in everything you do whether it’s in business or your personal life. The Internet of Things is no different. In this podcast, Rob Tiffany explains why embarking on the IoT journey is valuable.

#IoT Podcast: What is IoT?  Link

In this introductory podcast, Rob Tiffany walks you through basic IoT concepts in order to give you a baseline level of knowledge to build upon.



#IoT Trends and Predictions for 2018  Link 

With software and adjacent technologies continuing to eat the world, I see the pace of digital transformation accelerating in 2018 as organizations strive to enhance their customer and operational intelligence.

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