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The Internet of Things Review: Issue 20

Internet of Things Insights from Rob Tiffany



REVIEW: 6 enterprise-scale IoT platforms  Link

Here are the building blocks of successful enterprise Internet of Things deployment, plus details about AWS IoT and IoT 1-Click, Cisco Jasper, Azure IoT, IBM Watson IoT and Google Cloud IoT Core.

5 Strategies for Getting Real Traction With Your IoT Startup  Link

What does it take to make it as an IoT entrepreneur in this hearty land of agriculture, manufacturing and retail?

Protect against IoT device hacking  Link 

Instances of hacking IoT devices are making the news on a regular basis. Attack surfaces, updating, risk assessments and even involving trusted hackers are key to preventing the risk.

myDevices Releases IoT in a Box: IoT for the Reseller Channel  Link

myDevices has announced the launch of its IoT in a Box, a set of turnkey remote monitoring solutions that are designed to protect important assets for small businesses and enterprise customers across a wide variety of industries with over 20 remote monitoring use cases within commercial refrigeration and facility management vertical markets.

IoT platform engineering: Capitalizing on the massive potential of IoT  Link

While the debate continues about which of these platforms will emerge as the first among equals, there is a very real need to tap into the massive amounts of data floating about in an ocean of connected devices.

Microsoft adds decade-long Windows support and other services for IoT device makers  Link

At Computex in Taiwan, Microsoft introduced Windows 10 IoT Core Services, which provides at least a decade of support for IoT devices along with resources to manage updates and device health.

The 6 ways to make money in IoT  Link

Connect your things, solve problems, make money. Learn how you can deliver recurring, continuous value with these six IoT business models.

10 Charts That Will Challenge Your Perspective Of IoT’s Growth  Link

Realizing the Internet of Thing’s (IoT) potential to reduce costs and enable new business models needs to start with a platform perspective that includes app development and integration.

How IoT is changing the future of the retail industry  Link

With the advent of IoT, the retail industry has gotten much-needed impetus to enhance sales.

Harvesting IoT Insights, from Edge to Core  Link

The rapid proliferation of Internet-connected devices is fueling the on-going data explosion. The IoT boom is also exciting company leaders, who anticipate new business models generating trillions of dollars.

6 Internet of Things Facts to Make Investors Sit Up and Take Notice  Link

The IoT has been around for years, but the recent proliferation of low-cost sensors has made it easier and more affordable to bring all sorts of new things online. Here are a few facts that show how big this tech trend really is, and why investors should be paying attention.



IoT Podcast: What is IoT?  Link

In this introductory podcast, Rob Tiffany walks you through basic IoT concepts in order to give you a baseline level of knowledge to build upon.



IoT Trends and Predictions for 2018  Link 

With software and adjacent technologies continuing to eat the world, I see the pace of digital transformation accelerating in 2018 as organizations strive to enhance their customer and operational intelligence.

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