The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things Review: Issue 19

Internet of Things Insights from Rob Tiffany



AI And IoT Lead The Way For Enterprise New Tech Investment In 2018  Link

Of the 500 IT professionals surveyed, 38% claimed that AI was the primary focus of emerging tech projects, with IoT and blockchain coming in at 31% and 10%, respectively.

Building IoT-ready networks must become a priority  Link

The Internet of Things (IoT) era has arrived, and over the next few years, billions of devices will be connected to already-strained, company networks.

Internet of Things: when objects threaten national security  Link

With the rise of the Internet of Things, and against the backdrop of cyberwarfare, digital surveillance and digital subversion, the risk to national security is increasing.

Electric Imp Revolutionizes Cellular IoT With impCellular Service  Link

With impCellular, customers are never exposed to SIMs, activation, complex price plans or burdensome carrier requirements; connectivity is as easy as applying power.

IoT Will Have The Most Impact On Business In The Next Five Years, Survey Says  Link

In the next five years, respondents identified the cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) as the top two technologies for planned investments.

Machine learning: Making it work in the real world  Link

Machine learning and AI are providing new options for business; here’s what some leading organizations make of it.



IoT Trends and Predictions for 2018  Link 

With software and adjacent technologies continuing to eat the world, I see the pace of digital transformation accelerating in 2018 as organizations strive to enhance their customer and operational intelligence.

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