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The Internet of Things Review: Issue 13

Internet of Things Insights from Rob Tiffany



Google could be getting serious about IoT with release of Android Things  Link

Android Things 1.0, Google’s connected-device framework, could boost IoT security by assuring critical updates while providing a unified software option for developers of constrained devices

How Azure, AI And IoT Are Driving Cloud Hypergrowth At $20-Billion Scale  Link

While Microsoft’s ability to reach $6 billion in quarterly cloud revenue and $20.8 billion for the trailing 12 months is beyond impressive, what’s downright scary is that Satya Nadella’s cloud business is growing at a stunning 58%–and the enterprise cloud hasn’t even begun to reach the fat part of the market.

Aeris Unveils Aeris Mobility Platform to Power Internet of Things  Link

Today Aeris announced availability of its Aeris® Mobility Platform (AMP), a micro-services-based IoT platform that provides the critical building blocks that enable the Internet of Things for enterprises and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

6 Exciting IoT Use Cases in Healthcare  Link

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is resulting in some exciting advancements in the 21st century.

The Road to Success: The Value of IoT in Ground Transportation  Link

Data from the edge is the hot topic giving strength to IoT networks around the world, but taking that edge data and translating it for the ground transportation industry, where the actual edge is trucks on the road, presents a challenge.

AI researchers allege that machine learning is alchemy  Link

Ali Rahimi charged that machine learning algorithms, in which computers learn through trial and error, have become a form of “alchemy.” Researchers, he said, do not know why some algorithms work and others don’t, nor do they have rigorous criteria for choosing one AI architecture over another.

How to use machine learning to accelerate your IoT initiatives  Link

Internet of Things data needs proper analysis to bring real value to the enterprise. Here’s what machine learning can do.

Toward better AI: Facebook intros new version of its PyTorch machine learning software  Link

A new version of the machine learning technology that Facebook Inc. uses to do some 6 billion language translations a day will soon be available more widely.



IoT Trends and Predictions for 2018  Link 

With software and adjacent technologies continuing to eat the world, I see the pace of digital transformation accelerating in 2018 as organizations strive to enhance their customer and operational intelligence.

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