The Internet of Things

#IoT Podcast 7: Can the Web Save the Internet of Things?

Despite the great promise of IoT to improve business and society, many think it’s being held back due to complexity and the associated lack of required skills to make it a success. Is it possible that the antidote to this complexity and skill shortage problem lies in the existing open standards and technologies that comprise the World Wide Web?

In this podcast, Rob Tiffany makes the case for using existing W3C standards to power the Internet of Things.


  1. Randy Thompson

    A lot of great thoughts. The industry does sometimes forget the basics in its chase for the latest.

    Https is great for northbound data. You post (and consume bandwidth) only when you have something to report.

    Posting json to a url is easy. Just make sure everything is encrypted and you authenticate the sender.

    1. Rob Tiffany (Post author)

      Thanks Randy


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